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Immerse yourself in the Hawaiian Way of Life.

Learn the skills and share the lifestyle of a Hawaiian Waterman.

Everything from Surfing, Fishing, Paddling, Cliff jumping, Hiking, Adventure, Eat, to Sleep .

 Explore our Island, Learn new Skills, Adventure,  and LIVE!

      This is a full immersion into the Modern Hawaiian Life style. You will stay at our Beach Property and Eat, Sleep, and Adventure. Our Beach House only Sleeps 6, so space is limited. Breakfast and Lunch included. We will often catch/harvest meals.

Packages will cater to you and also to the weather and conditions the day provides. Some days will be perfect to surf all day, some days will be great for early morning fishing, other days will be island exploration. We have an active volcano, hidden waterfalls, green and black sand beaches. Our aina (land) presents abundance of nature to explore. 

*Surf Sessions with instructor 2 hr session/day

*Solo Surf Session open

*Fishing with guide up to 3 hrs/day

*Solo Fishing open

*Canoe paddle or Sail  up to 3 hrs/day

*Cliff jump / SUP adventure up to 3 hrs/day

*All Day mission Surf /Hike / Fish 

*Spearfish with instructor 3hr session/day

* Get Certified Lifeguard / Cpr / first aid  certifications

1 per stay.

*Swim Lesson 

*Breath hold Techniques

*Hawaiian Cooking 

*Get Certified Surf Instructor hands on training 

up to 6 hours/day.

*2 days rest per week .


Weekly- $2000

Monthly- $4000

Season 3 months $10,000

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